Why get a wheel tracking safety check?


Be safe- MBS Service Centre in Sheffield will check your wheel alignment for free so you can drive with peace of mind. Here’s why taking the time to consider your wheel tracking matters.


Your Wheel Alignment Safety & The Year-Round Danger of Potholes.

This winter’s freezing weather paired with on/off rain will inevitably lead to a deterioration of road surface integrity and contribute to potholes- and council budgets are too tight to fix them. The damaging effects of frozen water build-up in road surface cracks is unavoidable each winter- and as heavy traffic strikes the ice damage in Spring deep cracks can emerge. We all dread that one patch of damaged road surface on our route, and the jarring crunch that can send your tyres out of alignment.


The Benefits of a Free Wheel Alignment Check-up.

No car is immune to the damage potholes can cause to tire alignment, so if you suspect alignment problems we recommend taking action as soon as you can. MBS offers the best 4 wheel alignment diagnosis service in Sheffield and with our cutting edge Bosch 3D laser alignment technology you can trust us to detect any misalignment, after which our prices start from only £42 per axle realigned. MBS traction centre in Sheffield is a trusted and reliable provider of all kinds of tyre and car servicing, with a proven record of professional and affordable maintenance on all kinds of cars. All year round potholes can impact your driving experience, not to mention your safety. Regular checks are crucial to both safe driving and preserving the lifespan of your tires- to avoid placing yourself and other road users at risk is it advised you take care of any suspected misalignment in good time with regular checks- the same as you would with any engine or brake issues. Not only will this ensure your safe driving remains unaffected by compromised steering, but will save you money through preventing uneven tyre wear and unnecessary fuel expenses caused by imbalanced road contact. A pleasant driving experience, car performance and the enjoyment driving provides will be affected by misaligned tyres so if you suspect damage, remember to book your free wheel alignment check up at MBS Traction’s Sheffield specialist tyre centre today.




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