Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing

Incorrect wheel balancing can produce a prominent vibration that is not particularly pleasant to drive in. Precise balancing and correct 4 wheel alignment is essential to avoid unnecessary wearing of steering components and suspension.

Wheel balancing is equally important for both rear and front wheels. As the driver you may not be aware of an imbalance at the steering wheel, and ensuring precision wheel balance is therefore a necessary safety procedure.

At MBS Traction Centre you can be assured of getting the highest quality professional work performed on your car and our wheel balancing is available at a highly competitive rate.

Wheel Balancing – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my car needs its wheel balancing?

If your steering starts to wobble above a certain speed this is probably a sign that your vehicle has an issue with wheel balance. Generally this wobbling tends to occur at the 40-50mph mark. Correct wheel balancing will help to eliminate this vibration and mean that there is less need for replacement tyres caused by premature wear to imbalanced wheel and tyre assembly.
In the past it was often the case that older vehicles were much heavier and subsequently these older, denser vehicles could often mask vibrations caused by spinning and unbalanced wheels or faulty alignment. As modern cars continue to become increasing lightweight in build they tend now to not dull down such vibrations and thus accurate wheel balancing is more essential than ever.

How is Wheel balancing performed?

Wheel balancing makes sure that the distribution of mass is even around the axle and is dispersed evenly around the tyre. To achieve this we place small offsetting weights at targeting sections of the wheel to achieve the perfect balance.

At MBS Traction Centre Our laser Bosch wheel alignment machine rotates the tyre and wheel assembly and then works out precisely the balance counter weight and can pinpoint its exact weight and location.

How much does wheel balancing cost?

Wheel balancing cost is often relatively nominal and can actually save you money. As a result of our expert procedures you should notice less wear on your tyres which will save you money in the long term. It should also optimise your driving and make taking long journeys significantly more enjoyable.

At MBS Traction Centre our professional wheel balancing costs as little as £9.50. If you buy new car tyres from us we offer free wheel balancing that comes as standard as part of your tyre price.

Wheel Balancing Sheffield

If you want high quality wheel balancing at a professional, friendly local test centre in Sheffield visit MBS Traction Centre for quick, simple solutions at competitive prices.

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