What is the difference between wheel balancing and alignment?

Wheel balancing and alignment are two different procedures, although people will often get them mixed up.

wheel-alignment-serviceWheel alignment refers to altering the geometry of the wheels to make sure that your vehicle will drive straight. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause your car to veer to one side whilst you drive.

The benefit of having correctly aligned wheels is that this ensures your tyres don’t become prematurely worn down. This will enhance the life span of your tyres and will improve your fuel consumption.

Professional 4 wheel alignment will ensure that all wheels are perpendicular to the ground. It will also guarantee that all wheels correctly coordinated parallel to each other. This will improve your overall driving experience. If your car tends to pull to one side as you drive or if your steering wheel is not straight this is likely a wheel alignment issue. Other signs of incorrect wheel alignment include uneven tyre wear or if your car suffers from understeer or oversteer.

wheel balancingWheel balancing is the process of adjusting the balance between the tyre and the rim to create the perfect distribution of mass.

The need for wheel balancing is so that tyres and wheels can spin without there being an uncomfortable vibration in the steering wheel or floor area as you drive. Wheel balancing also ensures that your wheels do not suffer from premature tyre wear and improves the life span of tyres.

If you notice that your car vibrates as you drive or that your suspension rotating parts or steering components are prematurely worn, this can be a sign of a wheel balancing issue. Premature tyre wear and poor handling can also be symptoms of imbalanced wheels.



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