Experiencing uneven tyre wear or imbalanced steering? It could be a sign your car needs a wheel alignment test.

We may forget about it while driving, however your only contact with the road is four patches of rubber, each about the size of a footprint. This may seem unbelievable when you consider how much stability and control some cars provide- and how much rides on that stability & control. Of course the great weight displacement involved in the construction of something as complex as a car raises some pretty interesting (or at least, extremely difficult) pressure distribution problems. When dealing with pneumatic tyres, which almost all non-specialist vehicles use, there are even more considerations. Unfortunately, most of us don’t check our tyres for damage or wear nearly as often as we should. Day to day, many people simply forget their tyres, waiting for especially long journeys to examine what state they’re in.


Do you need a tyre alignment check-up?

Ensuring the precise alignment & balancing for all four of your wheels could be the best way to start taking care of your tyres. While alignment and balance can both slip over time, it’s especially important to take a regular or semi-regular check up on how evenly your wheels are sitting, and carrying the weight of the car. If you examine your tyres and find uneven wear or more wear on one tyre, it may mean your car is not sitting evenly or your tyres are out of alignment. You might also experience your car pulling to one side or another, or your steering wheel being off centre when driving in a straight line.


How can we help?

Brakes, tyres and wheel alignment are probably the most important things to remember to check on your car- and three can be tested and improved with scientific precision at MBS Traction Centre in Sheffield. Not only this, we have the best variety of new tyres in Sheffield to ensure we can fit your car with the best possible tyres for maximum grip & responsiveness. Not only that, we can service and MOT your car too. If in doubt about your brakes, tyres, or alignment, remember to check with a mechanic to ensure your car is running properly.


MBS Traction Centre is the top supplier of new tyres, brake servicing and wheel alignment in Sheffield.

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