Company Director and Bosch diagnostic technician with over 10 years experience, Ross sees to all the behind the scenes running and research into all the new tyre and suspension technologies that we sell and setup here at MBS Traction centre, so the best product is always on the shelf. A big lover of any motorsport and a keen motorcyclist and has been known to be spotted at the odd go-karting circuit getting them tyres hot!


Company Director and Bosch diagnostic technician with 14 years in the game, Ricky is an experienced player and you’ll see him sweeping through the workshop with precision and accuracy getting the job done. Brakes and engine bays are his home, some say it’s petrol that runs through his veins, even at the weekend he’s been seen restoring a little mk1 escort but the engine size and power is one big secret. So you can guarantee your vehicle will be running smoothly with plenty of punch!


Reception management and Bosch trained alignment technician, Tom runs the day to day operations here at MBS Traction centre. He is a Bosch trained alignment technician and an avid follower of formula 1 so loves a good setup change or two. On the evenings and weekends if Tom isn’t researching his love of suspension you may catch him on the PS4 or in the summer sweeping round country roads on his motorbike.


A second year apprentice, Tyler is currently hitting the mechanical mind gym, but if it’s black and round, he’s got the big guns! From little tracks to runs flats he’s the man getting them tyres fitted, sealed and balanced but watch out for him in the future as he’s set to be a big player. As his weekend goes you may find him hitting the pads as he’s a bit of a taekwondo specialist with his black belt 2nd dan, so he’s a bit of a mover.