Your tyres are one of the most important pieces of equipment on your vehicle. Not only do they control the amount of grip you have on the road, they are also responsible for transferring power into forward momentum.

At MBS Traction Centre we only stock high quality tyres and have the best collection of tyres in Sheffield. We sell all the top brands and if we don’t have the tyres you want in stock we can usually have them delivered the next day. Our efficient tyre fitting service means we can also fit them for you as soon as they arrive. All our tyres are of the highest standard and we always deliver a professional yet personable service. Over the years this has allowed us to establish loyal customers who would highly recommend us. If you are needing replacement tyres you can be sure that you are getting the best deal when you buy your tyres from MBS Traction, the best tyre centre in Sheffield.

We don’t use part worn tyres and sell only quality tyres that conform to all of the regulations set by the industry. We have tyres for most makes and models of car; bring yours into MBS Traction Centre and we will offer you our best deals on high quality new car tyres.

How To Look After Your Tyres

Your tyres are vital to the performance of your car, and taking care of them should be of high priority. You should regularly check your tyre wall for signs of damage – this can easily be inflicted by scraping up and down kerbs often. By keeping your tyres clean you will easily be able to spot any damage and be able to judge the wear of the tyre.

The damage in tyres is not always clear. Sometimes it will be obvious, such as visible threads in the tyre wall, but other times it can be difficult to tell if the tyre has sustained damage.
If you feel like this might be the case and your tyre may have sustained damage recently, then you should bring it to MBS Traction Centre where an expert will be able to inspect the tyre comprehensively – including checking the interior of the tyre wall – for signs of damage. It’s better to be safe in the knowledge that your tyres are safe than it is to wait until they cause you to have an accident.


Diagnose Your Tyre Wear

The wear of your tyre can easily be measured with a 20p coin. Simply insert the 20p into the tread on the top of the tyre, if you can still see the outer rim of the coin then the tyre is too worn and should be replaced as soon as possible.

In some instances tyres can wear down on the sidewall or in other places that may not be immediately obvious. This kind of wear can be inflicted by regularly mounting and dismounting from kerbs or having to drive over uneven terrain regularly.

Tyres will wear down at different speeds depending on the amount of use and the conditions they are regularly exposed to. If you have any uncertainties or want to have your tyres checked by an expert, come into MBS Traction Centre for us to take a look at them.


Why Not Fit Part Worn Tyres?

Although part worn tyres are bought by millions across the country every year, using part worn tyres can put you and other road users in danger. Part worn tyres may look in good condition, with good rubber and a thick tread, but the inside of the tyre could be a different matter.

Part worn tyres sold in the UK have to be stamped on the side with ‘part worn’ on the sidewall to show that the tyre meets all the legal specifications for a part worn tyre. The UK is the only country in Europe that has legal guidelines for the selling of part worn tyres. In order to properly inspect a part worn tyre it needs to be removed from the rim, as any damage to the tyre will be visible here. Damage can come from being driven under-inflated, driving up and down curves and every accident they have been involved in.

Why take the risk? For the sake of more money you can be certain that new tyres will not be dangerous and that they will last much longer than their dangerous part worn alternatives. At MBS Traction Centre any tyre you by from our garage in Sheffield will be a brand new one; we don’t sell part worn poor quality tyres. Contact us today to get our best tyre prices.


winter-tyresWhy Fit Winter Tyres?

In large parts of Europe it is a legal requirement for all motorists to have at least two sets of wheels for their cars – a summer set and a winter set.

Winter tyres are made with different rubber compounds that are designed to give the tyre flexibility and better breaking/traction performance in conditions below 7°C, snow and ice. Although not compulsory in the UK it is recommended that during the winter your car is fitted with an adequate set of winter tyres.

In the British winter temperatures can regularly drop below 7°C and although there may not always be snow, icy conditions are common and can be perilous if you aren’t using the correct tyres. Regular tyres perform perfectly well in summer because it never gets too hot in the UK, but it does get very cold so winter tyres are a necessity if you drive regularly throughout the year.

At MBS Traction Centre we use high quality winter tyres from top brands, that have been tested thoroughly to ensure that they are able to cope with conditions such as snow and ice without compromising their high quality performance. Our experts will be able to advise you on the correct type of tyre for your vehicle, depending on what you use it for. All our wheel services are competitively priced; get in touch now to find out more about tyre choices and to discover the best option for you.


Tyre Labelling

In November 2012 EU legislation came into effect that forces all tyres sold to be sold with a tyre label, detailing how economic the tyre is. This legislation effects all tyres manufactured after July 2012, all 4x4s, SUVs, Vans and many truck tyres are affected by this change, but it gives you as the customer more choice on the features of the tyre.

The label is very similar to one found on white goods detailing economic efficiency, only for the tyres this will include information on the fuel economy of the tyre and it’s effectiveness as stopping in wet conditions. These are both rated using the familiar A – G system, with A being the best and G the poorest. The economy of the tyre is to give the customer an idea of savings made by reducing rolling resistance. Between A and G rated tyres the difference can be as much as a £110 saving over the course of a year.

The rating of a tyre in wet conditions is important – especially in the UK where we have a lot of rainfall – as cars take longer to stop in wet conditions. The distance taken to stop can be reduced by up to 30% between the best and worst rated tyres. The label will also carry information on the noise created by the tyre in decibels, which follows a three bar system. Three bars is the loudest a tyre can currently bem whilst 2 bars is likely to become the limit in future legislation. One bar is the best performing tyre in terms of noise created.

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