At MBS Traction Centre we offer a professional same day and next day tyre fitting service at our tyre centre in Sheffield. We stock only quality new car tyres from leading tyre manufacturers and we never sell used or part worn tyres. Usually we can replace your tyres the same day as you bring them to us and we have an incredible range of tyres to choose from. Whether you want a great value economy tyre or are looking for a tyre from a premium manufacturer to enhance your driving experience, MBS Traction Centre has you covered. Our expert tyre fitting team work diligently to ensure that you have your new tyres on as quickly as possible and we aim to impress with our high levels of customer service.

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MBS Traction Centre is a Bosch approved service centre and we have a pleasant, clean and modern reception area where you can be seated whilst you wait for your tyres to be fitted. Our staff are all highly trained and are always happy to help; come in and see us if you think you need new tyres fitting. Alternatively, with our online booking form it is now easier than ever to schedule a convenient appointment. Booking online means you can bring your vehicle in at a time to suit and if you have a certain tyre that you know you want fitting you can inform us of this when you book an appointment. By doing this we can save time and have your tyres ready to be fitted when you get here. If we do not have the specific tyre you requested in stock, we can have it delivered to our tyre centre before you arrive so that we will be able to fit your new car tyres straight away upon your arrival.

What are the dangers of part worn tyres?

If you opt for part worn tyres you are potentially putting yourself at risk on the road. There has been a number of instances of collisions and road accidents caused by illegal part worn tyres being fitted on vehicles.

As this short video explains, part worn tyres are not worth the risk, especially for the sake of saving a small amount of money.