servicingServicing is a vital part of any car’s life, ensuring that it performs at its best and keeping a good bill of health.
Servicing a car involves giving it a once over to make sure everything is still running ok and nothing needs repairing. In a service it is common to check the engine oil and replace if necessary, tyre pressure, brake pads and tyre wear – all the things that will cause a major problem if not regularly maintained.
Many modern cars will have an indicator on the dashboard or on-board computer to tell you when a car service is due, but if you don’t have a modern car it can be tough to tell if you need one.
Although car servicing can be done by yourself, it is always better to have this done by a professional to ensure that your car is performing as well as it should be. At MBS Traction Centre our qualified team  will be able to highlight any problems with your car and allow you to fix it at relatively little cost in comparison to what you would have to pay if there was a major problem. If you are looking for the best value car servicing in Sheffield, you are in the right place.

Time/Mileage Based Servicing On All Makes And Models

The frequency of servicing for your car depends on its age and how many miles it has done, or the annual mileage it covers with you.
A car that is only five years old and does less than 2000 miles per year will not need servicing as often as a five year old car that covers 8000 per year. You can rely on the experts at MBS Traction Centre to give you help and advice on when you should service your car and how often it will be needed.




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