At MBS Traction Centre we sell a fantastic range of new car tyres from all the leading tyre manufacturers. Our tyres are sold at highly competitive prices and we have an array of premium, mid-range and economy tyres to suit all budgets and driving requirements. If you are looking for car tyres in Sheffield, MBS Traction Centre is the place to be. Take a look at our great selection of tyre brands listed below.


 Tyre Brands


Bridgestone Tyres
Bridgestone Tyres are internationally renowned for their premium quality; in tyre tests they often come out on top above all other competitors. Bridgestone have subsidiary brands that are a cheaper alternative but you can be sure that any tyre with the Bridgestone logo on will be top standard. Bridgestone are a premium tyre manufacturer and are regularly acclaimed as the best tyre manufacturer on the market. Widely considered a sound investment for their durability, Bridgestone Tyres also tend to perform exceptionally in wet conditions and give unparalleled handling on slippery surfaces.


ContinentalContinental Tyres
If you want a high quality tyre from a trusted international tyre brand, Continental is a great option. This German tyre manufacturer has mastered the art of creating premium tyres that deliver exceptional performance. Continental Tyres are not as expensive as some other tyres brands yet still compete with most other premium tyres. Incredible dry handling and phenomenal braking performance make Continental Tyres an astute and reliable purchase and this tyre brand has been recognised as tyre manufacturer of the year several times. You are unlikely to go wrong if you opt for a Continental tyre.


dunlop (1)Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres regularly come out as ‘best buy’ in product testing and represent great value for money from a long established tyre brand. It is testament to the quality of Dunlop Tyres that they come factory fitted on many BMW, Mercedes and Audi models. Dunlop tyres are synonymous with superb wet grip performance and are an excellent choice if you are looking for a tyre to improve your fuel efficiency. By choosing a Dunlop Tyre you are sure to get good quality at a reasonable price and Dunlop are a very popular mid-range tyre brand.



FirestoneFirestone Tyres
In the UK, Firestone Tyres are incredibly popular and always receive rave reviews from our customers. As the cheaper alternative to Bridgestone Tyres, Firestone come with the same inherent quality from this leading tyre manufacturer but are more affordable and appropriate for regular everyday use. Situated in the mid-range price bracket, Firestone can deliver a performance parallel to tyres that are far more expensive. Many Firestone Tyres such as the Firehawk perform well all round; especially on smaller vehicles a lot of our customers wisely opt for a Firestone Tyre.


goodyearGoodyear Tyres
Many of the best known car manufacturers trust this brand and Goodyear Tyres come factory fitted on BMW, Totoya, Vauxhall and even Ferrari models. Goodyear is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world; whilst they are in the upper price brand for tyres they deliver outstanding performance which is what makes them so popular. If you are likely to be driving many miles or taking long distance journeys, Goodyear tyres are perhaps your best option. Very often you get what you pay for and if it is the best that you want then Goodyear could be the best selection for you.


michelinMichelin Tyres

Michelin Tyres are the best selling tyre worldwide and although they come with a premium tyre price tag you can be assured of top level excellence with a Michelin tyre. Depending on which version you opt for, a Michelin tyre will deliver refined performance based around your exact driving requirements. Michelin tyres are often highly recommended by our customers who often proclaim that once you start using Michelin tyres you just can’t go back to using cheaper alternatives. Premium handling in dry conditions, perhaps the best of any tyre on the market, make Michelin Tyres a worthy investment.


nankangNankang Tyres
Nankang Tyres represent remarkable value for money; they make low-cost tyres that can easily compete with their more expensive premium counterparts. Nankang offer a comprehensive range of tyres that provide extraordinary economy and that are remarkably durable for their amazing price. Whatever driving requirements you have Nankang will have a tyre to suit; you can expect exceptional grip and durability as standard without having to break the bank. Their incredible selection of tyres includes performance, comfort, 4×4, commercial and winter tyres so there will be a Nankang Tyre that is perfect for you.


PirelliPirelli Tyres
Being a big part of F1 allows Pirelli to be at the forefront of tyre technology. With a great selection of tyres to suit all conditions and purposes, Pirelli tyres are expertly tailored to deliver to your exact driving requirements. Top of the range Pirelli tyres are A rated for performance in the wet and will significantly increase handling and driving response. Pirelli also engineer tyres that are designed to ensure a comfortable ride and to last over high mileage, they are impeccable if you drive long distances regularly.



VredesteinVredestein Tyres
This tyre manufacturer from Holland is starting to make a big name for itself in the UK; they offer some of the best value for money mid-range tyres currently on the market. Because they are relatively unknown in this country you do not have to pay for the privilege of a more famous tyre brand. Vredestein Tyres can provide you with a tyre that performs just as well as other mid-range and premium tyres but that will be at a significantly lower cost. Vredestein tyres are acclaimed for being outstanding in snow and they provide low rolling resistance to a level that competes with any other tyre.


UniroyalUniroyal Tyres
At MBS Traction Centre we have unbeatably low prices on Uniroyal tyres with a wide range available to purchase. We have summer tyres and winter tyres in our inventory and any Uniroyal tyre that we don’t have in stock can be delivered to us the next working day. Uniroyal have been making tyres for over 30 years and their expertise is in creating tyres that are good in dry conditions but exceptional in wet conditions. They are a subsidiary of Continental Tyres so you can be assured of premium quality and efficiency.


yokohamaYokohoma Tyres

Summer and winter tyres are available at MBS Traction centre manufactured by Yokohama Tyres. We have a range suited to compact cars, high performance cars and 4x4s. Yokohama Tyres have a wide price range so there will be a Yokohama tyre to suit any budget. This company prides itself on implementing green technologies and they are a pioneer of environmentally friendly tyres. Yokohama is a leading tyre brand internationally and their tyres offer precision performance that is not compromised by them also being environmentally conscious.



ZetaZeta Tyres
So called budget tyres can often be just as good as their premium counterparts and this is certainly the case with Zeta Tyres. Design engineered in Europe using the latest technology, Zeta Tyres are on affordable option that certainly compete with leading tyre brands. Zeta Tyres are created to increase stability when driving and to perform well in all weather conditions. All their tyres are fully size tested and approved; they are a good solid tyre that will reliably deliver without costing you a fortune.

New Tyres Sheffield

MBS Traction Centre is based in Attercliffe, and we have the best collection of new tyres in Sheffield. We never use part worn tyres and only sell quality approved tyres from the manufacturers that you see listed above. If you have a certain tyre in mind that you would like to have installed that we do not have it in stock, we can have it delivered within 1-2 working days and our tyre fitting team will fit them for you as soon as they arrive. Contact us today and one of our friendly, professional team members will give you a free consultation and help to explain your best tyre options.