Fitting the right brakes can really make a difference to how your car performs, however the wrong kind can lead to disaster.
At MBS Traction Centre we will fit the ideal brakes for your car to ensure its braking performance is as quick as possible.
There are so many different varieties of brake components and materials, all different between year, make and model of your vehicle. Instead of trying to navigate the aisles of Halford’s trying to work out which are the right brake components and materials, come and see us if you are looking for brakes in Sheffield.
We will not only provide the ideal car brakes but we will fit them for you so you don’t have to worry about whether you have correctly fitted them and you can use your vehicle safe in the knowledge that your brakes will perform brilliantly every time.

Clean Your Wheels Less With New ePads

At MBS Traction Centre we are able to provide state of the art ePads for many makes and models.
These ePads are made with the highest quality friction material to prevent your wheel getting dirty, meaning you won’t have to clean your wheels as often and you don’t need to worry about compromising your braking performance.
Cars fitted with ePads come to a stop quickly and silently, making them one of the top performing brake pads in the industry. Their lack of wheel dust means that your car will not suffer the effects of regular brake pads – dirty alloys – and still have great braking performance.
Our ePads are available for both front and rear axles on models including BMW, Audi, VW and Skoda. Bring your car into MBS Traction Centre and enquire about ePad braking systems to see if we can give your car the latest in braking technology.