air-conAir conditioning is not fitted in all cars sold in this country, but the ones who do have it can vouch for it’s effectiveness in the summer and winter.
It is important to be comfortable whilst driving, and being too hot or cold can often be a distraction from what is happening on the road. It also helps to keep you awake and alert on those days when the heat is enough to make you dozy, especially as cars are notorious for having a high temperature if left in the sun.
At MBS Traction Centre we specialise in car air conditioning repairs, whether it is maintaining it or if you need to repair it, we have the right experts and the proper diagnostics equipment to fix it quickly and efficiently.


Air Con Servicing And Diagnosis

air-conditioningMuch like cars and other vehicles, air conditioning can require a regular service too.
Air conditioning systems can lose 10% of their charge each year, which is a large amount if you have a used car and you have never topped it up yourself. Many garages suggest that the air conditioning system is topped up and re-oiled for efficiency every two years maximum.
Air conditioning and climate control systems are fitted to two thirds of cars manufactured these days and it is more and more common for cars to come into MBS Traction Centre with them, but not many of these customers are aware that the air conditioning system needs regular maintenance too, just like your car’s engine or tyres.
At MBS Traction Centre we have the best diagnostics equipment available from tooling giant Bosch. We are able to quickly and effectively repair or service your air conditioning to get you back into the comfortable temperature zone as quickly as possible. If you are seeking the best repairs for car air conditioning in Sheffield, please contact us at your earliest convenience.