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Having your wheel alignment checked regularly and altered professionally is imperative to ensure that you are safe on the road. Wheel alignment should be set up so that it is within your specific manufacturer limits and so that steering is aligned appropriately allowing you to drive truly straight.

At MBS Traction Centre we include wheel alignment checks as part of a regular service and will not charge you for this privilege unlike at some other garages. At our specialist garage a free wheel alignment check is available at any time and you can add this to your next service or safety inspection if you book with us.


4 Wheel Alignment

If a wheel alignment procedure is necessary we charge per wheel that is misaligned to ensure that you never pay for unnecessary work. Our prices are in line with major repair centres and if we have to align several axles we will always offer a good discount.

At MBS Traction Centre we use the latest technology for all of our wheel alignment procedures and ensure that you receive the best service possible at a fair price. We offer a much more personable service than you would receive at a major auto centre and our checks are highly thorough and reliable.

Contact MBS Traction Centre today to find out more about our professional wheel alignment and tracking.

Front Wheel Alignment

Incorrectly aligned front wheels are the usual cause for imbalanced wheel alignment.

Each individual car manufacturer will have a unique track setting for the front wheels. When this setting becomes misaligned it can cause tyres to wear very quickly. This is highly dangerous if you are out on the roads so you should get this treated as soon as possible.

At MBS Traction Centre our Bosch wheel alignment technologies allow us to perform quick and precise front wheel alignment adjustments at a low cost

Wheel Alignment – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, sometimes referred to as wheel tracking, is the process of altering the position of wheels on a vehicle so that it doesn’t pull to one side whilst you drive.

How is Wheel Alignment Performed?

When performing a wheel alignment procedure we adjust the angle of misaligned wheels in order to restore them to their true original position. This is as recommended by the manufacturer specification for your exact vehicle.

Wheel alignment consists of adjusting primary angles. Many factors including wheel base difference and steering axis inclination will affect wheel alignment. These are all comprehensively checked with every wheel alignment procedure to make sure they are within the manufacturer limit.

Secondary angles are also taken into consideration and checked proficiently. Camber, caster and toe must all be tested to ensure perfect wheel alignment. These elements should all be checked and adjusted periodically and MBS Traction Centre will check these at no charge with every vehicle service that we undertake.

Why Should I Have My Wheel Alignment Checked?

Out of sync wheel alignment can cause your car to pull to one side whilst driving. This can be extremely dangerous to you and other road users, especially on motorways and highways.

Ensuring correct wheel alignment is necessary vehicle maintenance as unbalanced wheels can result in tyres wearing out much quicker than they should. If your tyres are suitably aligned it can add 12,000 miles to the lifespan of your tyres and having correct wheel alignment will save you money in the long term. It can also help reduce rolling resistance and improve driving performance.

At first drivers may not notice that their wheel alignment has defected but over time this could cause lasting damage. If the alignment is out on all four tyres this can be an expensive procedure. It is a good idea to have your wheel alignment checked whenever you get tyre fitting performed and as part of your regular service. Fix wheels when they become slightly misaligned to avoid forking out for expensive repair bills at a later stage.

It is recommended to have your wheel alignment checked at least twice a year. If ever steering components are altered it is essential to check wheel alignment each time you make changes, even if they are only minor amendments. Any brand new car should have perfect wheel alignment but regardless drivers are best to have their wheel alignment checked within the first three months after purchasing a car.

What are the Signs of incorrect wheel alignment?

There are many signs that your wheel alignment may be out of line. A tell-tale symptom is that tyres have started to wear unevenly on the outside or inside edge. The tyre wear caused by incorrect wheel alignment can then also have a negative impact on braking distance, driving experience and fuel economy.

If you have noticed difficulties when steering this is suggestive that wheels are incorrectly aligned. You may notice when you are driving on a straight road with no cross-wind that your vehicle pulls to one side or that your car rattles or vibrates as you travel. If you have experienced any of these whilst driving you should look to have your wheel alignment checked immediately.

Incorrect wheel alignment often only becomes apparent when tyres are worn and a feathered pattern becomes noticeable. There will be wear on the outer shoulder of the tyres if the front wheels are what we call ‘toeing-in’. Conversely, there will be signs of wear on the inner shoulders if your front wheels are ‘toeing-out’.

What causes incorrect wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment problems can be caused by many things. If you have hit a pothole at speed it could have knocked one wheel out of alignment, causing it to push or pull the car away from its straight course.

Although wheel alignment is often knocked out of place by hitting a kerb or pothole at a fair speed it can be caused simply by general driving and tyres naturally wearing down over time.
Any manufacturer would recommend having your steering alignment checked, even if you have not noticed any problems, once a year. As cars get older and the suspension wears, the wheel alignment can naturally become out of sync or drift outside of the manufacturer limits.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

At MBS Traction Centre in Sheffield we offer a free wheel alignment check to make sure that your wheels are in line with your manufacturer’s guidelines. Adjustments start from just £42 per axle. 

4 Wheel Alignment Sheffield

At MBS Traction Centre we are the 4 wheel alignment specialists in Sheffield. Our friendly and professional team are highly qualified and are primed to deal with any motoring dilemmas that you may have.

At MBS Traction Centre we use top of the range Bosch 3D wheel alignment technology to fix your wheel alignment if it is out of sync. We do this quickly and at a great price to get you back out on the road as soon as possible.

We are always happy to provide advice without any obligation. Our exceptional customer service has allowed us to establish a reputation for providing the best service in the region.

If your believe that you car is suffering from incorrect wheel alignment you should contact MBS Traction Centre and one of our team of experts will happily provide you with a free wheel alignment check.

Contact MBS Traction Centre today for more information about our wheel alignment services or alternatively you can save time and book online.

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