Roads & Tyre Wear in Sheffield

Roads & Tyre Wear in Sheffield- What’s the best course of action?

As council budgets continue to be slashed, how can unrepaired roads affect tyre wear on your car?

Road wear is an inevitable part of motoring & town planning. The weathering effects of rain & ice, as well as heavy traffic, can leave even minor roadways cracked, uneven & potholed. As the number of cars on UK roads continues to increase –current estimates stand at around 35 million licensed vehicles overall- council budgets for dealing with the heavy damage to roads, pavements and bridges has been falling. Even with slashed budgets, over 2 million potholes were repaired in the UK in 2015.  Add to this the increasing popularity of speed bumps & as a speed control measure & your tyres and suspension take a hammering through day-to-day driving. The nearly 1,200 miles of road in Sheffield are often reported by motorists to be heavily worn, if not dangerously so. Money from central government is being poured into the much-criticised £2 billion ‘Streets Ahead’ program and the massive civil engineering contractor Amey PLC, yet even under this project, 63% of changes on Sheffield’s roadways are delayed while many smaller roads are seen as being ignored by the council.

What problems can potholes cause?

Potholes cause sharp, violent tremors to strike or rattle the components in the car engine & suspension. The sudden jarring strike to the pothole can bend the suspensions spring or wheel rim, puncture tyres and damage parts of the engine or exhaust. They can also knock your wheels out of alignment, leading to dangerous steering problems. Unfortunately, only some of the types of damage potholes cause can be immediately visible. Tyre bulges, lumps or tears, or bent or dented wheels, are much more apparent than the far worse prospect of serious damage to the underside of your car.

What’s the best course of action if I think my car / tyres have been affected?

The first thing to know about potholes is that prevention is better than the cure. Consider your how your drive could effect tyre alignment- drive carefully in areas you know to be potholed or where it’s clear the roads aren’t well maintained. Keep a good distance between yourself and the car in front to ensure you’ve a good view of the road ahead. Drive slowly but don’t brake if you see a pothole, as this can tip your car onto its front suspension- increasing damage caused. Always drive safely- don’t swerve dangerously to avoid a pothole- as this can cause you to strike the verge or pavement or even another car. The best thing to do if you feel your steering suddenly become heavy or unreliable is to visit a professional mechanic who can inspect your car for any damage, as not all pothole damage can be immediately apparent. If there has been damage, it is important to consider further action- remember if you choose to, you can pursue costs to cover your repair if the council is found to be at fault. It may also be advisable to inform your insurer of any damage.

Where does MBS Traction Centre come in?

MBS Traction can perform an exact tyre alignment measurement using their cutting edge Bosch 3D 10 camera, which allows exact measurement of tyre position without compromising the positioning in the process. If you’re concerned a pothole has knocked your wheels out of alignment, or damaged the struts or shock absorbers, you can rely on MBS Traction Services to seek out the problem and make a thorough assessment.

MBS Traction Centre is an expert provider of top quality tyre alignment services in Sheffield, with top of the range equipment and specially qualified staff. For a full range of our services, please visit our homepage or contact us.


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