Premium, Mid-range and Economy Tyres

At MBS Traction Centre we have a superb range of new car tyres from a great selection of tyre brands. Here we have picked out a few of the most popular tyres from our collection to tell you about.

Economy Tyres



Just because you opt for an economy tyre doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality; it is certainly the case with Zeta Tyres that you can pay less and get a tyre that competes with its more expensive counterparts.

At MBS Traction Centre we stock a wide range of economy tyres from a number of brands but the ZTR range from Zeta Tyres has proved to be exceedingly popular. These tyres give outstanding grip in both wet and dry conditions and their innovative design means they also reduce fuel consumption. These tyres are great from an economic perspective but also have a sleek design and deliver great handling performance.

Mid-Range Tyres



Mid-range tyres are a great way to get the best of both worlds, and as such they prove popular with a lot of our customers. If you don’t want to pay through the nose for a premium tyre but still want an excellent tyre with fantastic build quality, a mid-range tyre is your most suitable option.

Firestone Tyres are one of our most trusted manufacturers and for this reason many of our customers opt to choose this brand. The Firehawk tyre from Firestone is a great tyre, excellent around corners it allows you to steer precisely in both wet and dry conditions. This and many other quality Firestone Tyres are available at MBS Traction Centre and with any Firestone tyre purchased you can be assured of a top quality tyre at a very reasonable price.

Premium Tyres



If you are looking for the best quality premium tyres you can take your pick from Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Pirelli Tyres, all available at MBS Traction Centre. These leading tyre brands are at the forefront of tyre technology and are built to last; they deliver exceptional performance and will put the fun back into driving.

The Efficient Grip tyre from Goodyear is very well received; it is a premium tyre that is good all round and performs exceptionally well in wet conditions. If you opt for a premium tyre you will be assured of better braking and significantly improved handling and driving performance. This premium tyre, like many others in this price bracket, is designed to be long lasting, fuel saving and environmentally friendly.

A Friendly Professional Service

Whichever tyre you decide upon you can be sure that you are getting the best price at MBS Traction Centre and our experts will advise for free the best tyre for your exact requirements. Our team of professionals deliver prompt tyre fitting and always deliver a personable, professional service. We never use part worn tyres and instead only fit brand new and approved quality tyres from leading tyre manufactures. At our tyre centre in Sheffield we have start of the art facilities and a modern reception area so you can wait in comfortable surroundings while we swiftly fit your brand new tyres.


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