Do I need car wheel alignment?

If your vehicle is pulling noticeably to one side when you drive in mild conditions on a straight, flat road, this could likely be a sign that your wheels are not properly aligned and that you are in need of car wheel alignment.

It only takes a small misalignment to create real problems with the steering and stability of your vehicle, and for your tyres to potentially become severely worn down. You should always have your vehicle checked when you have hit something major such as a raised kerb, or if you notice that your tyres are wearing abnormally. If you are having steering or handling problems such as drifting, or if your wheel remains at an angle when driving straight these can also be signs of incorrect wheel alignment.

MBS Traction Centre have been performing expert wheel balancing and wheel alignment for over a decade, and are the trusted experts in Sheffield. Many people do not know the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing so let us quickly explain.

Wheel alignment is often known as wheel tracking and this is where we adjust the wheels on your vehicle using Bosch diagnostics programmed to your specific manufacturer guidelines. Our laser wheel alignment technologies include 3D wheel alignment and 4 wheel laser alignment. The special computerised equipment we use allows us to precisely adjust the angles of the wheels so that they are all perfectly parallel to each other and all absolutely perpendicular to the ground.

To balance a tyre we identify using a high-tech digital diagnostic tool where exactly weights should be applied to the rim of the wheel in order to counter balance any heavy spots and to achieve perfect wheel balance. Our wheel balancing allows the wheels to spin, but does not cause unnecessary vibrations allowing us to appropriately realign them.

At MBS Traction Centre a four wheel alignment check is free of charge, and we never charge for work that does not need doing. If your vehicle does need realigning, most front and rear alignment problems can be solved in 30 minutes or less so there really is no reason not to get your vehicle checked.


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