How to tell if your brakes need replacing

A fully functioning braking system is a legal requirement for driving. It is a necessity for braking systems to be properly maintained and performing at optimum level in order to reduce the risk of an accident.

There are a number of warning signs to look out for that allude to your brakes being potentially faulty and in need of being fixed or replaced.

One of the first things that indicates that there could be a problem with your brakes is a high pitched squeal, this noise is a sign that your brake pads may need replacing. Similarly, a grinding sound when you brake is a symptom that suggests your brake pads are wearing thin or have worn out.

Friction between the brake pads and the discs can create a burning smell, so if your car is creating this type of bad smell you need to get it inspected immediately. You should also go straight to a garage if your steering wheel or brake pedal is vibrating as you slow down. This vibration is often a sign that your brake discs are warping out of shape.

Other things to be aware of are that if you car tends to pull to the left or the right when stopping this is usually attributed to a failed brake calliper or one that is sticking; get brakes checked if this is the case. You also should be aware of the responsiveness of your brakes, and if you have to press the pedal all the way to the floor to slow down there may be an issue with your hydraulic braking system.

When it comes to brakes it is better to be safe than sorry. Now that you have found out what to look out for, be sure to get them fixed immediately should any of these ailments occur.

The condition of brakes naturally worsens over time, so front discs and brake pads should be replaced around every 20,000-30,000 miles. As well as stocking a fantastic selection of tyres, MBS Traction Centre also has the best brakes in Sheffield . Our knowledge and experience means we can find and fix brakes for your vehicle. We also have state of the art ePads available for optimum braking performance, so enquire about our full range of options.


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