German Cars

MBS Traction Centre are specialists in performing high quality servicing, repairs and wheel alignment procedures on German engineered cars. All of our technicians are fully qualified to work with all BMW; Audi; Mercedes and VW motors.

At MBS Traction Centre we are a certified Bosch car service centre. This means that whenever you use us you can be sure of receiving the highest quality service and exceptional car treatments.

We are experts in working with German cars, offering the service of a main dealer but at a fraction of the price. If you own a German car we have tyre replacements available for Audi; BMW; Mercedes and VW.

Our selection of performance tyres can significantly improve driving experience and fuel economy. If you own a precision engineered German car you should be looking to maximise the drivability of your vehicle by opting for the best tyres available.

MBS Traction Centre has an impressive supply of German car brands tyres replacements. If you want the best replacement tyres expertly fitted by a professional then we are the best car garage in Sheffield.

MBS Traction Centre offers a full spectrum of repair work and servicing for all German car manufacturers. Our MOT’s are some of the best values for money checks available in South Yorkshire; significantly cheaper than the cost at a BMW or Audi main dealer service and often more thorough.

Our service costs are incredibly reasonable, especially when compared with other garages, and we aim to offer a directly comparable if not better service than a main dealer.