Do you care about your car tyres?

In a recent survey conducted by a leading UK tyre supplier an astonishing 18 million UK drivers are reported to be driving with tyres that are illegal.

Increasingly drivers are allowing their tyre depth to drop below the legal tread limit which can result in three penalty points and a £2500 fine for each tyre that is under the legal limit. The amount of UK drivers on the road with illegal tyres has supposedly trebled in the last seven years, so is it the case that people now care less about their car tyres and why is this so?

The aforementioned study by tyre retailer Micheldever surveyed over 100,000 tyres every year and found that the majority of motorists tended to replace their car tyres only when they are under the minimum legal requirement for tread depth. This is rather than seeking to change their tyres before the tread depth becomes illegal. Incredibly, 40 per cent of drivers are unaware that the minimum tread depth level is 1.6mm; around one in ten believe that maintaining legal road tyres is the responsibility of their car garage and not them as the owner of the vehicle.

Tread depth is a fundamental part of the performance of tyres and ultimately car safety. If your tyre is below the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm your braking distance will be significantly increased. This makes your chances of being involved in a crash far more likely. If you are decreasing speed from 50mph to 0mph in wet conditions, your braking distance can be up to 14 metres further if your tyres have less than 1.6mm tread depth. This sizable increase in braking distance can ultimately be the difference between life and death.

With significant improvements made in car safety in the last few years, such as the development of ABS systems, many deduce that drivers now attribute less importance to tyre maintenance and regular safety checks. Many believe that as technology increases and cars become supposedly safer, drivers take less responsibility for performing safety maintenance checks to ensure that their tyres are performing correctly.

Car buyers look for safety as a main priority when they are purchasing a vehicle. Six in ten insist that their new car come equipped with high quality tyres and one in three look for a vehicle with traction control. If people are recognising the importance of tyres as a safety precaution when buying a car they should also take necessary measures to ensure that they maintain vehicle safety.

You can make simple tyre checks yourself to test air pressure, and you can check tread depth with a simple 20p test. Regular servicing and getting a professional MOT is also an important part of maintaining your tyres and car safety.

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