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Getting your tyres checked regularly by a professionals is a crucial part of responsible, attentive car ownership, and will save you money in the long term by prolonging the working life of your tyres. It also increases safety- for you and your passengers, and for other road users- as even slight misalignment issues can reduce tyre grip, and therefore car-road contact and stability, at an accelerated rate- possibly also leading to the risk of a fine if your tyres become too worn. Make sure you check your tyres regularly, using a proper gauge- especially in winter or before long trips. Even a small, hard to notice fault can develop rapidly if not caught and fixed in time, after which it may cost more to rectify. Very often it is difficult or impossible to detect immediately if there is a problem, and a simple wheel balancing or tyre alignment procedure could save your tyres serious wear and damage in future.  If you’re in doubt, consult us today for experienced advice on whether your car may need servicing, or your tyres need adjusting.

We can also provide engine upgrade, tyre, brake and general servicing work for all makes of car, from our fully equipped garage in Sheffield. Whether you’re looking for a repair, a diagnostic, an upgrade or a service, please drop us a line! Use the form below to contact us, or alternatively give us a ring on 0114 2432469 or visit us at our garage at:

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