Why you should check tyre pressure regularly

Advice on tyre pressure from MBS Traction Centre; Sheffield car servicing experts.

At minimum you should be checking your tyre pressure at least once a month to make sure that your tyres are safe and legal for use on the road.

Under inflated tyres pose a huge road safety risk and similarly over inflated tyres can be just as dangerous. The performance and safety of your vehicle is greatly hindered by not having the correct tyre pressure and not managing your tyres can also mean that you lose sizeable sums of money through wasted fuel.

Tyres will quickly become under inflated if you don’t keep an eye on them. Under inflated tyres create an uneven contact with the road and you will experience increase rolling resistance when driving. Steering is also severely compromised; an under inflated tyre at the front of your vehicle generally causes a high degree of understeer and an inflated rear tyre causes noticeable oversteer.

If you have a full set of underinflated tyres your car steering will feel tired and sluggish. The quicker you diagnose under inflated tyres the less likely you are to need replacement tyres! If all your tyres are under inflated you have a four times increased risk of a blowout, so get checking your tyres Sheffield before it’s too late!

Over inflated tyres cause a loss of traction which means poorer braking distances. When you have over inflated tyres the centre of the tyre makes all the contact with the road which means the overall tyre has less contact with the road surface. The central part of the tyre will subsequently become heavily worn and this could require replacement tyres if not treated imminently.

Obviously, some amount of natural tyre wear is always likely to happen, but a correctly inflated tyre should display even wear across the width of the tread. To check for tyre pressure, firstly find out the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle from your manufacturers handbook. Read our section on diagnosing tyre wear for a quick, easy way to check your tyre pressure.

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