The many benefits of visiting MBS Traction car servicing & tyre centre

The many benefits of visiting MBS Traction

We don’t just service cars- at MBS Traction we firmly believe in going the extra mile for our customers. With that in mind we’re proud to offer a selection of great value services, each designed to give you the most from your car.

Get the power, get the traction!

Looking for wheel balancing and alignment in Sheffield? A professional Bosch four wheel alignment from MBS Traction can restore your tracking, balance & tyres.

Not just German car and ECU remapping specialists, MBS Tractions also offers 3d wheel alignment, new tyres, car air conditioning repair and car servicing- the most complete specialist car care service in Sheffield.


Need new tyres?

We can offer tyre fitting at our fully stocked specialist tyre centre on Holywell Road. We’ve a wide variety of tyres to suit all kinds of driving, giving your car the safety and responsiveness needed to enjoy driving again! If you’ve got the power you need the traction- and we can fit your car with the best tyres for you, quickly and professionally.


ECU Remap?

We can upgrade your cars’ internal computer to maximise performance, fuel efficiency and driving comfort. Manufacturers can be conservative in their estimates for engine fuel injection settings, due to the varied quality of fuels and conditions their cars might be faced with. In the UK this can means many cars aren’t driving anywhere close to their potential- as Sheffield’s top remapping specialists we can quickly and easily tweak your car’s performance settings to boost performance- you’ll notice the difference immediately.


Wheel alignment, balancing & tracking

Once they’ve given you the power & the traction, our Bosch-accredited staff can one further- and keep your car up and running at top spec even longer. With our state of the art wheel alignment and balancing tests we can detect the slightest inconsistency in tyre alignment. A fast and cheap procedure can then fix the fault- preventing the uneven tyre wear that can dramatically shorten the life of your tyres. Car wheel tracking is an often-overlooked issue that can cost drivers a fortune in avoidable tyre wear over the years- take steps to protect your tyres and save yourself money by getting a Bosch wheel alignment exam today.

Need a DPF Cleaning Specialist in Sheffield and Rotherham?

If you drive a diesel, you may be familiar with the trouble a DPF filter can cause, and the huge expense involved in repairing a blocked filter. If you find yourself needing DPF cleaning services, don’t risk overpaying, and instead give MBS Traction a call.


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Roads & Tyre Wear in Sheffield

Roads & Tyre Wear in Sheffield- What’s the best course of action?

As council budgets continue to be slashed, how can unrepaired roads affect tyre wear on your car?

Road wear is an inevitable part of motoring & town planning. The weathering effects of rain & ice, as well as heavy traffic, can leave even minor roadways cracked, uneven & potholed. As the number of cars on UK roads continues to increase –current estimates stand at around 35 million licensed vehicles overall- council budgets for dealing with the heavy damage to roads, pavements and bridges has been falling. Even with slashed budgets, over 2 million potholes were repaired in the UK in 2015.  Add to this the increasing popularity of speed bumps & as a speed control measure & your tyres and suspension take a hammering through day-to-day driving. The nearly 1,200 miles of road in Sheffield are often reported by motorists to be heavily worn, if not dangerously so. Money from central government is being poured into the much-criticised £2 billion ‘Streets Ahead’ program and the massive civil engineering contractor Amey PLC, yet even under this project, 63% of changes on Sheffield’s roadways are delayed while many smaller roads are seen as being ignored by the council.

What problems can potholes cause?

Potholes cause sharp, violent tremors to strike or rattle the components in the car engine & suspension. The sudden jarring strike to the pothole can bend the suspensions spring or wheel rim, puncture tyres and damage parts of the engine or exhaust. They can also knock your wheels out of alignment, leading to dangerous steering problems. Unfortunately, only some of the types of damage potholes cause can be immediately visible. Tyre bulges, lumps or tears, or bent or dented wheels, are much more apparent than the far worse prospect of serious damage to the underside of your car.

What’s the best course of action if I think my car / tyres have been affected?

The first thing to know about potholes is that prevention is better than the cure. Consider your how your drive could effect tyre alignment- drive carefully in areas you know to be potholed or where it’s clear the roads aren’t well maintained. Keep a good distance between yourself and the car in front to ensure you’ve a good view of the road ahead. Drive slowly but don’t brake if you see a pothole, as this can tip your car onto its front suspension- increasing damage caused. Always drive safely- don’t swerve dangerously to avoid a pothole- as this can cause you to strike the verge or pavement or even another car. The best thing to do if you feel your steering suddenly become heavy or unreliable is to visit a professional mechanic who can inspect your car for any damage, as not all pothole damage can be immediately apparent. If there has been damage, it is important to consider further action- remember if you choose to, you can pursue costs to cover your repair if the council is found to be at fault. It may also be advisable to inform your insurer of any damage.

Where does MBS Traction Centre come in?

MBS Traction can perform an exact tyre alignment measurement using their cutting edge Bosch 3D 10 camera, which allows exact measurement of tyre position without compromising the positioning in the process. If you’re concerned a pothole has knocked your wheels out of alignment, or damaged the struts or shock absorbers, you can rely on MBS Traction Services to seek out the problem and make a thorough assessment.

MBS Traction Centre is an expert provider of top quality tyre alignment services in Sheffield, with top of the range equipment and specially qualified staff. For a full range of our services, please visit our homepage or contact us.

Experiencing uneven tyre wear or imbalanced steering? It could be a sign your car needs a wheel alignment test.

We may forget about it while driving, however your only contact with the road is four patches of rubber, each about the size of a footprint. This may seem unbelievable when you consider how much stability and control some cars provide- and how much rides on that stability & control. Of course the great weight displacement involved in the construction of something as complex as a car raises some pretty interesting (or at least, extremely difficult) pressure distribution problems. When dealing with pneumatic tyres, which almost all non-specialist vehicles use, there are even more considerations. Unfortunately, most of us don’t check our tyres for damage or wear nearly as often as we should. Day to day, many people simply forget their tyres, waiting for especially long journeys to examine what state they’re in.


Do you need a tyre alignment check-up?

Ensuring the precise alignment & balancing for all four of your wheels could be the best way to start taking care of your tyres. While alignment and balance can both slip over time, it’s especially important to take a regular or semi-regular check up on how evenly your wheels are sitting, and carrying the weight of the car. If you examine your tyres and find uneven wear or more wear on one tyre, it may mean your car is not sitting evenly or your tyres are out of alignment. You might also experience your car pulling to one side or another, or your steering wheel being off centre when driving in a straight line.


How can we help?

Brakes, tyres and wheel alignment are probably the most important things to remember to check on your car- and three can be tested and improved with scientific precision at MBS Traction Centre in Sheffield. Not only this, we have the best variety of new tyres in Sheffield to ensure we can fit your car with the best possible tyres for maximum grip & responsiveness. Not only that, we can service and MOT your car too. If in doubt about your brakes, tyres, or alignment, remember to check with a mechanic to ensure your car is running properly.


MBS Traction Centre is the top supplier of new tyres, brake servicing and wheel alignment in Sheffield.

Why get a wheel tracking safety check?


Be safe- MBS Service Centre in Sheffield will check your wheel alignment for free so you can drive with peace of mind. Here’s why taking the time to consider your wheel tracking matters.


Your Wheel Alignment Safety & The Year-Round Danger of Potholes.

This winter’s freezing weather paired with on/off rain will inevitably lead to a deterioration of road surface integrity and contribute to potholes- and council budgets are too tight to fix them. The damaging effects of frozen water build-up in road surface cracks is unavoidable each winter- and as heavy traffic strikes the ice damage in Spring deep cracks can emerge. We all dread that one patch of damaged road surface on our route, and the jarring crunch that can send your tyres out of alignment.


The Benefits of a Free Wheel Alignment Check-up.

No car is immune to the damage potholes can cause to tire alignment, so if you suspect alignment problems we recommend taking action as soon as you can. MBS offers the best 4 wheel alignment diagnosis service in Sheffield and with our cutting edge Bosch 3D laser alignment technology you can trust us to detect any misalignment, after which our prices start from only £42 per axle realigned. MBS traction centre in Sheffield is a trusted and reliable provider of all kinds of tyre and car servicing, with a proven record of professional and affordable maintenance on all kinds of cars. All year round potholes can impact your driving experience, not to mention your safety. Regular checks are crucial to both safe driving and preserving the lifespan of your tires- to avoid placing yourself and other road users at risk is it advised you take care of any suspected misalignment in good time with regular checks- the same as you would with any engine or brake issues. Not only will this ensure your safe driving remains unaffected by compromised steering, but will save you money through preventing uneven tyre wear and unnecessary fuel expenses caused by imbalanced road contact. A pleasant driving experience, car performance and the enjoyment driving provides will be affected by misaligned tyres so if you suspect damage, remember to book your free wheel alignment check up at MBS Traction’s Sheffield specialist tyre centre today.




Learn more about our wheel alignment services here.

Should I buy Winter Tyres?

With the worst of the winter weather due to arrive in January, February and March, it is that time of year again where drivers must decide if they are to stick with their summer tyres, opt for a winter tyre or select an all-season alternative. Here are the pros and cons of all three options.

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are what most cars come fitted with. They deliver top performance when road conditions are good. Summer tyres are not designed to perform well in testing road conditions and struggle to give grip on ice and snow. Subsequently you put yourself in danger from such weather conditions if you choose to drive on summer tyres. It is a clear safety risk to leave summer tyres on your vehicle over winter.
It is not a legal requirement to change to winter tyres in the UK. If there is a mild winter usually summer tyres can just about cope. If, however, there is any snow and ice out on the roads your car and road safety are jeopardised. You are instantly put at a greater risk of an accident. Summer tyres also have a larger stopping distance in wet conditions. After rainfall when there is surface water you are at increased risk of aquaplaning.

All Season Tyres

All season tyres are a halfway house between a summer and winter tyre. In tyre tests they tend to perform not as well as summer tyres in good conditions and not as well as winter tyres in poorer conditions. All Season tyres generally perform competently and offer slightly more safety than a summer tyre would in testing weather circumstances. They are notably less effective than specialised winter tyres though in severe road conditions.

Many car brands now produce an effective all season tyre. All Season tyres can be left on your vehicle all year round which makes them a cheaper alternative to having both summer and winter tyres. It also means you don’t need to book in to get your tyres changed twice a year.

If you swap between summer and winter tyres every six months and store the spare set whilst they are not in use rather than replacing them, a lot of the cost is offset and the price difference is significantly reduced.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are specifically designed to perform better and increase safety in poor weather conditions that affect the road. They are created to give extra grip in cold temperatures and there is a pronounced difference when driving on snow and ice when compared with summer and all season tyres.

Winter tyres use a softer rubber compound. This is often achieved by including more natural rubber in the blend that creates the material of the tyre. The surface of the tyre tread is covered with sipes. These are little jagged indents in the tyre that are designed to soak up road imperfections to give a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Once winter tyres have been used for a sustained period and sipes become deformed, they work much better than summer tyres in snow as they work by digging into the snow to travel better across it. Conversely on a smooth, dry surface sipes dig into the ground meaning that sharp handling is sacrificed. Braking distances are generally further for winter tyres over summer tyres in good conditions which is why summer tyres are preferred when road conditions are good.

Verdict: Winter tyres are the best option.

Having two sets of winter tyres and summer tyres and alternating between them is the best way to save money and to ensure optimised driving safety and performance.

All season tyres are a cheaper alternative but tend to compromise on both summer and winter safety and are slightly limiting on handling and performance. It is worth noting though that all season tyres have markedly improved from a few years ago and there are some good all season tyres available. As they are on all year round it is worth investing in a premium set of all season tyres.

Sticking with summer tyres will mean you save money but it leaves you at greater risk of a road accident if you are exposed to poor weather conditions. If damage is caused to your vehicle this cost will likely be much higher than the cost of having winter tyres fitted.

Buying and Fitting Tyres

At MBS Traction Centre we offer a swift and efficient tyre fitting service at our specialist car garage in Sheffield. We have a great selection of new car tyres from a range of top tyre brands. Winter tyres, all season tyres and summer tyres are all available and ready to be fitted.

If you have a specific tyre brand or model that you don’t see listed on our website please inform us of this and we should be able to have it ordered and delivered to our garage within two working days. Similarly if you have you own tyres already ordered or stored and simply need a tyre fitting service we can fit them for a nominal fee.

MBS Traction Centre is proud to use the latest technology to execute specialist four wheel alignments and tyre fitting. All work performed is by highly qualified technicians with years of experience. Call us today or fill out on online enquiry form to book in for an appointment or for a free consultation from one of our team of experts.

What is the difference between wheel balancing and alignment?

Wheel balancing and alignment are two different procedures, although people will often get them mixed up.

wheel-alignment-serviceWheel alignment refers to altering the geometry of the wheels to make sure that your vehicle will drive straight. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause your car to veer to one side whilst you drive.

The benefit of having correctly aligned wheels is that this ensures your tyres don’t become prematurely worn down. This will enhance the life span of your tyres and will improve your fuel consumption.

Professional 4 wheel alignment will ensure that all wheels are perpendicular to the ground. It will also guarantee that all wheels correctly coordinated parallel to each other. This will improve your overall driving experience. If your car tends to pull to one side as you drive or if your steering wheel is not straight this is likely a wheel alignment issue. Other signs of incorrect wheel alignment include uneven tyre wear or if your car suffers from understeer or oversteer.

wheel balancingWheel balancing is the process of adjusting the balance between the tyre and the rim to create the perfect distribution of mass.

The need for wheel balancing is so that tyres and wheels can spin without there being an uncomfortable vibration in the steering wheel or floor area as you drive. Wheel balancing also ensures that your wheels do not suffer from premature tyre wear and improves the life span of tyres.

If you notice that your car vibrates as you drive or that your suspension rotating parts or steering components are prematurely worn, this can be a sign of a wheel balancing issue. Premature tyre wear and poor handling can also be symptoms of imbalanced wheels.



If any of these issues resonate with you please contact MBS Traction Centre. Our professional team will be happy to help diagnose your specific problem and we can fix it for you at a great low price at our professional tyre centre in Sheffield.

Premium, Mid-range and Economy Tyres

At MBS Traction Centre we have a superb range of new car tyres from a great selection of tyre brands. Here we have picked out a few of the most popular tyres from our collection to tell you about.

Economy Tyres



Just because you opt for an economy tyre doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality; it is certainly the case with Zeta Tyres that you can pay less and get a tyre that competes with its more expensive counterparts.

At MBS Traction Centre we stock a wide range of economy tyres from a number of brands but the ZTR range from Zeta Tyres has proved to be exceedingly popular. These tyres give outstanding grip in both wet and dry conditions and their innovative design means they also reduce fuel consumption. These tyres are great from an economic perspective but also have a sleek design and deliver great handling performance.

Mid-Range Tyres



Mid-range tyres are a great way to get the best of both worlds, and as such they prove popular with a lot of our customers. If you don’t want to pay through the nose for a premium tyre but still want an excellent tyre with fantastic build quality, a mid-range tyre is your most suitable option.

Firestone Tyres are one of our most trusted manufacturers and for this reason many of our customers opt to choose this brand. The Firehawk tyre from Firestone is a great tyre, excellent around corners it allows you to steer precisely in both wet and dry conditions. This and many other quality Firestone Tyres are available at MBS Traction Centre and with any Firestone tyre purchased you can be assured of a top quality tyre at a very reasonable price.

Premium Tyres



If you are looking for the best quality premium tyres you can take your pick from Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental and Pirelli Tyres, all available at MBS Traction Centre. These leading tyre brands are at the forefront of tyre technology and are built to last; they deliver exceptional performance and will put the fun back into driving.

The Efficient Grip tyre from Goodyear is very well received; it is a premium tyre that is good all round and performs exceptionally well in wet conditions. If you opt for a premium tyre you will be assured of better braking and significantly improved handling and driving performance. This premium tyre, like many others in this price bracket, is designed to be long lasting, fuel saving and environmentally friendly.

A Friendly Professional Service

Whichever tyre you decide upon you can be sure that you are getting the best price at MBS Traction Centre and our experts will advise for free the best tyre for your exact requirements. Our team of professionals deliver prompt tyre fitting and always deliver a personable, professional service. We never use part worn tyres and instead only fit brand new and approved quality tyres from leading tyre manufactures. At our tyre centre in Sheffield we have start of the art facilities and a modern reception area so you can wait in comfortable surroundings while we swiftly fit your brand new tyres.

Do you care about your car tyres?

In a recent survey conducted by a leading UK tyre supplier an astonishing 18 million UK drivers are reported to be driving with tyres that are illegal.

Increasingly drivers are allowing their tyre depth to drop below the legal tread limit which can result in three penalty points and a £2500 fine for each tyre that is under the legal limit. The amount of UK drivers on the road with illegal tyres has supposedly trebled in the last seven years, so is it the case that people now care less about their car tyres and why is this so?

The aforementioned study by tyre retailer Micheldever surveyed over 100,000 tyres every year and found that the majority of motorists tended to replace their car tyres only when they are under the minimum legal requirement for tread depth. This is rather than seeking to change their tyres before the tread depth becomes illegal. Incredibly, 40 per cent of drivers are unaware that the minimum tread depth level is 1.6mm; around one in ten believe that maintaining legal road tyres is the responsibility of their car garage and not them as the owner of the vehicle.

Tread depth is a fundamental part of the performance of tyres and ultimately car safety. If your tyre is below the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm your braking distance will be significantly increased. This makes your chances of being involved in a crash far more likely. If you are decreasing speed from 50mph to 0mph in wet conditions, your braking distance can be up to 14 metres further if your tyres have less than 1.6mm tread depth. This sizable increase in braking distance can ultimately be the difference between life and death.

With significant improvements made in car safety in the last few years, such as the development of ABS systems, many deduce that drivers now attribute less importance to tyre maintenance and regular safety checks. Many believe that as technology increases and cars become supposedly safer, drivers take less responsibility for performing safety maintenance checks to ensure that their tyres are performing correctly.

Car buyers look for safety as a main priority when they are purchasing a vehicle. Six in ten insist that their new car come equipped with high quality tyres and one in three look for a vehicle with traction control. If people are recognising the importance of tyres as a safety precaution when buying a car they should also take necessary measures to ensure that they maintain vehicle safety.

You can make simple tyre checks yourself to test air pressure, and you can check tread depth with a simple 20p test. Regular servicing and getting a professional MOT is also an important part of maintaining your tyres and car safety.

If your car needs to be serviced or is due an MOT any time soon, bring it down to MBS Traction Centre. Our car servicing is affordable and we operate at the standard of a main dealer but at a fraction of the price.

At the moment we are offering 10% off your next tyre purchase when you leave a review and free wheel alignment checks.  If you care about your car tyres there is no time like the present to book in with MBS Traction Centre for the best car service in Sheffield.

How to Change a Flat Tyre

Imagine this scenario; your phone has no charge or no signal and you are in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre. You really don’t want that to happen and all drivers should know how to fix a flat tyre.

It is a skill that is easier than you might think. To fix a flat tyre you will need a jack, a lug wrench, a spare tyre and your vehicle owners manual; these should all be present in your vehicle.

If you get a flat tyre the first thing you should do is find a safe spot to change it. Slowly come to a stop rather than harshly turning or braking, make sure you are out of the way of oncoming traffic and then turn your hazard lights on. Apply the parking brake so that your vehicle will not roll.

You may have wheel wedges stored in your vehicle. If you don’t have wheel wedges use bricks or large stones instead, they will do the same job. If you are changing a rear tyre put wheel wedges in front of the front tires; if you are changing a flat front tyre put them behind the rear tyres. This will prevent your car from rolling.

To set about changing the flat tyre first remove wheel covers or hubcaps, your vehicle manual will explain how to do this. This will expose the lug nuts which you then need to loosen. Lug Nuts are the nuts in the centre of the wheel holding it in place. Only loosen the lug nuts, do not remove them completely, a half turn will do the trick.

Check your vehicle owners manual to find your cars jacking point; each car has a different one. Place your jack under the vehicle alongside the tyre that is flat and crank the jack until your vehicle is off the ground. Never put any part of your body under your vehicle whilst it is jacked up.

Once the jack is in position you can unscrew the lug nuts fully. This will allow you to now remove the flat tyre. Pull the flat tyre gently towards you holding it by the tread. Remove it completely and set it down sideways so that it doesn’t roll away.

Put on the spare tyre by lining up the lug nut posts with the holes in the spare tyre. Put the tyre on so that it cannot go any further and then loosely fasten on the lug nuts. Lower the car back to the ground using the jack and then tightly fasten the lug nuts. Keep tightening each lug nut a little bit at a time rather than doing them one by one. Keep going until all lug nuts are as tight as they can be.

Put the flat tyre back in your boot and you are done. Don’t leave anything on the side of the road. Temporary spare tyres are not designed to go at speed so drive slowly and visit a tyre technician as soon as possible.

At MBS Traction Centre we are a specialist wheel tracking centre in Sheffield. If you have had a flat tyre bring your car into us and we can quickly provide you with affordable new car tyres to get you back on the road.

Abnormal Tyre Wear

Tyre wear can stem from a number of problems. Common causes of abnormal tyre wear are due to a suspension or alignment problem or because of an internal tyre fault or incorrectly inflated tyres.

There are several different forms of abnormal tyre wear to be aware of. If you can recognise abnormal tyre wear as early as possible it removes the need to purchase a complete new set of tyres which will save you a great deal of money. Below we detail how to spot the telltale signs of abnormal tyre wear and how to remedy these issues.

The first type of abnormal tyre wear we are concerned with is camber wear. This is frequently caused by suspension misalignment, a bent spindle, or a damaged or warped spring or control arm. The strut may also be dislocated or bent which can similarly cause camber wear issues. The symptoms of camber wear are if the inside or outside edge of the tyre is showing extreme wear but if there is none or minimal wear on the rest of the tyre. The cause of this is from the tyre leaning inwards or outwards and can be resolved by four wheel alignment.

With camber wear it is necessary to thoroughly check the suspension to detect what is causing the issue with wheel alignment. The same method should be applied if you notice a pattern of feathered directional wear. This may seem like a complicated term but simply if you rub your hand across the tyre one way and it is smooth and then the other way and it is rough this constitutes feathered directional wear. This is a telltale sign of a toe wear problem and if your wheels are toed in or out with regards each other, the tread will likely scuff and this is when you will develop a feathered directional wear pattern.

A cupped wear pattern occurs where the wheel bounces up and down as you travel. When a tyre is out of balance or is not being helped due to weak shock absorbers and struts, a cupped wear pattern emerges. If you notice this pattern on your tyres it is necessary to have your wheels balanced or to replace the worn out struts or shock absorbers.

If the centre of the tread on your tyres is more worn than the shoulders the probable cause of this is overinflated tyres. When you have too much air in your tyres they bulge out in the middle and this causes uneven wear and focuses wear onto the middle of the tyre. The opposite of this is if the outside of the tyres are more worn than the centre. This is where your tyres have been underinflated and the weight has been carried onto the shoulders of the tyres causing them to wear specifically in these areas. The tip here is to regularly check that your tyres are inflated to the correct recommendations stated in your owner’s manual.

At MBS Traction centre we are the experts in car wheel alignment services. Read our regular blog for hints and tips and be sure to come to us with any wheel alignment issues for a knowledgeable and friendly assistance.