The many benefits of visiting MBS Traction car servicing & tyre centre

The many benefits of visiting MBS Traction

We don’t just service cars- at MBS Traction we firmly believe in going the extra mile for our customers. With that in mind we’re proud to offer a selection of great value services, each designed to give you the most from your car.

Get the power, get the traction!

Looking for wheel balancing and alignment in Sheffield? A professional Bosch four wheel alignment from MBS Traction can restore your tracking, balance & tyres.

Not just German car and ECU remapping specialists, MBS Tractions also offers 3d wheel alignment, new tyres, car air conditioning repair and car servicing- the most complete specialist car care service in Sheffield.


Need new tyres?

We can offer tyre fitting at our fully stocked specialist tyre centre on Holywell Road. We’ve a wide variety of tyres to suit all kinds of driving, giving your car the safety and responsiveness needed to enjoy driving again! If you’ve got the power you need the traction- and we can fit your car with the best tyres for you, quickly and professionally.


ECU Remap?

We can upgrade your cars’ internal computer to maximise performance, fuel efficiency and driving comfort. Manufacturers can be conservative in their estimates for engine fuel injection settings, due to the varied quality of fuels and conditions their cars might be faced with. In the UK this can means many cars aren’t driving anywhere close to their potential- as Sheffield’s top remapping specialists we can quickly and easily tweak your car’s performance settings to boost performance- you’ll notice the difference immediately.


Wheel alignment, balancing & tracking

Once they’ve given you the power & the traction, our Bosch-accredited staff can one further- and keep your car up and running at top spec even longer. With our state of the art wheel alignment and balancing tests we can detect the slightest inconsistency in tyre alignment. A fast and cheap procedure can then fix the fault- preventing the uneven tyre wear that can dramatically shorten the life of your tyres. Car wheel tracking is an often-overlooked issue that can cost drivers a fortune in avoidable tyre wear over the years- take steps to protect your tyres and save yourself money by getting a Bosch wheel alignment exam today.

Need a DPF Cleaning Specialist in Sheffield and Rotherham?

If you drive a diesel, you may be familiar with the trouble a DPF filter can cause, and the huge expense involved in repairing a blocked filter. If you find yourself needing DPF cleaning services, don’t risk overpaying, and instead give MBS Traction a call.


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